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Shifting Paradigms

As the paradigms of science and history shift, virtually on a daily basis, searches out and reports on current research projects, recent discoveries and astonishing breakthroughs in the fields of science and history.

Committed to standards of the scientific method as reported in
books, research journals, publications, at academic conferences and through press releases and other media sources, brings to the curious reader the most relevant, insightful and startling scientific and historical information getting reported in our world today.    Click here and Jump to the resource links of the week

Recognizing that many modern discoveries are actually rediscoveries of lost knowledge from past civilizations, seeks to contextualize, within the bigger picture of Human knowledge, the achievements giving rise to a fundamental understanding of where our present time fits into the past and future; into the cycle of Human existence.
"We know where we're going; we know where we're from...." Bob Marley   
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Our Goal:
At we're committed to widening the discussion of science and history, taking place within the academic community, by raising public awareness of non-traditional approaches, perspectives and discoveries in these disciplines.
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